Brand-new“Green Mist”misting system

The new-design professional integrated system,  the more beautiful integrity,the stronger function,  the extremely convenient preset timing system.

stability and facility
timing system
User no need to
Quiet and powerful
With water tank
build up with Greendeep
fine misting assembly.

Abandon the complexity and adhere the simplicity,  the infinite combination.

The timing group of misting is set according to the big data of the user group.   It is easy for selection and convenient for setting.Combining with the stable and effective timing system,  it will solve your worries and troubles easily.

The maximum setting groups everyday


The settable misting groups everyday according to the different environments.

The maximum settable misting time for each group


The launching time of the misting of each group can be set by the user according to the requirements of different environments.

On-off key
Mode selection key
Increasing key
Decreasing key

Separated high-capacity water tank.  No worry to add more water.

The amazing water quantity will enable no need to add water frequently. The water added for one time can be used for many days.

The water in the tank can sustain


The minimum terrarium can sustain for 30-50 days for water utilization.

Water storage capacity


The maximum water storage of the tank

The overflow type accelerated water injection plate
The knob type water injection
The separated core main body
The separated water tank of 9 liters

The strongest misting unit nozzle of the third generation

The fine and even particles are more beneficial for the scattering of the water vapor in the terrarium,  so as to disperse to every corner.   Combining with the unique spiral spraying nozzle,  the direct impact to the animals and plants will be reduced effectively.

GreenDeep misting unit
Ordinary misting unit
The particles of the GreenDeep misting unit is more exquisite.
The similar spraying products have only water particles.
The GreenDeep misting unit is in spiral mode.
The similar spraying nozzles are in direct spraying mode.

The force comes from the“core”continuously.

The pump core of the new generation adopts new energy saving compression technology,  so as to provide a stronger force in reducing the volume of the pump body.

Energy saving of the pump body


The new pump body can save 20% energy.

The maximum driving force of the pump body


The pump body can drive to launch 60 misting unit simultaneously to the maximum.

The endurance water hammer over 100000 times.

With surpassing standard as the manufacturing target.
The pump body can sustain more frequent start-stop impact.It is more endurable.

The continuous operation time is over 2000 hours.

The longest continuous operation time.  There is no need to worry that the pump body will be burnt because of the continuous operation when the timing is invalid or no water.

The long-term water pressure resistance: 1.2+MPa

The water pressure resistance value surpassed the national standard.  The pump body can operate normally under high pressure for a long time.

3.2MPa+ burst pressure

When the detect data of the burst pressure test is 3.2MPa+.  The water pressure caused is more vigorous.

All you need now is to enjoy.

Only when the misting you can feel it.

The launching noise of the misting


Almost you can't hear

GreenDeep products
Similar products
Noise of similar products
Noise of GreenDeep new pump

Small and exquisite so that can put everywhere.

It is smaller than any tank of the terrarium.  It can be put in any matched cabinet or family-used cabinet. More of the details reflect the originality.

The high quality and simple structure form the beauty of the design.

It takes the design company which has won Red Dot Design Awards in Germany two years for the entire design.  Every arc and corner have been considered carefully.  It will show more aesthetic perceptions once placed among furniture.

Appearance of size
Product accessories