Indoor sunshine

Ultra-thin LED Plant-growth light


The ultra-thin design makes the size to the perfection in guaranteeing the high power output.

The thinnest part is only0.5cm

As dazzling as the galaxy

The self-developed optical lens turn every lens into dozens of smaller ones.

The traditional lens:  concentrate


All points of exposure to burst.

The GreenDeep lens:  disperses


Irradiation point,  with higher energy efficiency.

The traditional lens
GreenDeep optical

Concentrate all points of exposure to burst.

Narrow coverage,  low efficiency,  weak penetration

More lens,  more light

High efficiency,  Strong penetrating and coverage

Prompt:  Terrarium LED plant-growth light is different design from the Aquarium light.  When there is no water reflection,  that will be more stringent requirements to the scattering angle,  coverage,  penetrating power and energy efficiency of the light.  It is necessary to make a professional design based on the growth needs of the terrestrial plants and the environment.
The only one LED plant-growth light with optical lens array,
can exert the energy efficiency to the maximum.

48 x 12 = 576

48 small lens X 12 lens assembly=one lens module(total:  576 lens)

Lens assembly
Lens module
Small lens
Lens module with double angles,  the professional humanization design and experience. No dazzle light under normal viewing.
Irradiation angle
Central lens module
Irradiation angle
Before lens module

Make color display nature

To enhance the effect of light on the growth of plants to ensure the viewing demand.

5500k   -   6000k
Midday sunshine spectral gradient
Spectrum gradient of the GreenDeep new LED
plant-growth light

The width of 45cm,  cover the illumination area precisely

Cover the GreenDeep new generation terrarium perfectly

Flux to


The luminous flux of the light.In the same conditions,  if the luminous flux is higher,  the greater the downward energy.

Evenness to


Illumination uniformity,  The irradiation area is more uniform.

The irradiation power of the light

The traditional light(Example 60cm length),  the width is within 25cm,  they can not cover all the area by one light.

The irradiation power of the light

GreenDeep professional LED plant-growth light (Example 60cm length) the width is within 45cm,  one light is enough to cover all the area precisely.

The standard terrarium width of 45cm,  cover it
perfectly (matched with GreenDeep terrarium)
The standard terrarium length of 60cm,  cover it
perfectly (matched with GreenDeep terrarium)

The new cooling system:  Say goodbye to the noise of the fans

Manufactured in aluminum for the whole piece,  diversion wind groove design,  dredge the heat faster

Foot stool in extension-type,  flexible and variable

The foot stools can be extended.  Can match with different sizes terrarium

Abandon the complexity and adhere the simplicity

Built-in optimized and easy timing system,  can set easily.

Appearance of size
Product accessories