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Greendeep ecological technology, from nature, good quality, by a group of domestic never compromise, adhere to the dream of senior ecological landscaping industry integration, making ecological landscape project and the overall hardware solutions company. From the development so far, both inside and outside the industry, as well as the depth of professional recognition of the zoo, Asia has become the most representative of the ecological landscape design research and development team, has a pivotal position in the industry.
The real beauty of things have the ability to change the world, in us, in the living environment to create harmony with the space, and the integration of nature. Let those who have been away from the true nature, people trapped in the city through the Green Island Cement product with its own action, to feel the beauty of nature, let the beauty around the city from a bit exaggerated irritability, began to spread it, we spread the essence of the company - the source of dark green color.
We built a respect for the dream stage, constructs a pure business environment, efforts to explore the special products and corporate culture. We will be the concept of the concept of sincerity through every detail, we are proud of this. After years of efforts, now we have just a few years, in Hongkong, Shanghai, the Yangtze River Delta and other economically developed areas, an important city with agents and distributors.
In 2012 we invited the Shenzhen Tourism Group's Shenzhen wildlife zoo in design and construction of the first professional ecological area, as the first National Zoo demonstration project and obtained unanimous approval and approval of tourist and industry, became the first to China zoo Ecology Design Museum of high-end climbing team, will be "enrichment" to write two words in all the zoo construction plan.
Five years, we stand on the top of the industry, opened a new area of ecological landscape projects, showing the infinite possibilities for the transformation of the environment. We believe not to go quyifengying, not opportunistic, as long as the practical work, we will be able to achieve success. We believe that those who return to common sense and respect for the struggle will eventually change the understanding of the world. Until today, Glinde is ecological and luxury private clubs, luxury villas, commercial space to the National Park Development cooperation. In the work, we always carry out our vision and dedication to the ecological, each project is a product of the combination of innovation and tradition. In the constant practice and innovation, professional solid technology and fine attitude will make Greendeep's works and products with unique charm and unprecedented vitality.
Let's make our products evergreen.