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Greendeep.com.cn for the majority of users to provide brand information and product introduction. We welcome you to visit this website and express our gratitude. We require you to visit the control website using the following basic terms. By using this website, you will be deemed to agree to comply with and accept these terms. These terms may be subject to change at any time, and after you make changes, you should confirm that you agree to abide by and accept the amended terms.
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The content of this website is only for visitors to the site of personal non-commercial (except in the website shopping) use. You can download from the website to a local hard drive or print a summary for personal use purposes. However, you may not reproduce, simulate, distribute, transmit, or otherwise use any of the contents of the Site without the prior written consent of greendeep.com. This includes prohibiting the use of the Greendeeptrademark as a meta tag in the hidden text, or using the trademark to obtain a higher search engine rank.